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Next Conway Open House

Prepping for the 2017 Solar Eclipse


Saturday, June 24th

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm 

Open House Update:  6/24/17 at 7:00 am

 Weather Forecast for the open house

 1:00 pm:  71 degrees, partly cloudy with 35% cloud cover

 2:00 pm:  71 degrees, partly cloudy with 32% cloud cover

 3:00 pm:  71 degrees, clear with 27% cloud cover 

Schedule:  At 1:00 pm, 1:30 pm, 2:00 pm, and 2:30 pm, a short, very basic program about the August Solar Eclipse will be presented in the Observatory’s downstairs classroom.  The 15 to 20 minute program will explain, in layman terms, what causes a solar eclipse, why this eclipse is special, what you can expect to see in NW Indiana, and most importantly, how to view the eclipse safely.  In addition, members of the Society will have their telescopes and binoculars equipped with special solar filters to give visitors a view of the Sun using both white light and hydrogen-alpha filters.  Of course, observing the sun will be dependent on clear sky conditions. 

Regardless of weather conditions, the program “Prepping for the Solar Eclipse” will go on as scheduled.

Contact us at: infocasonline@yahoo.com







CAS Membership

Why Join The Calumet Astronomical Society?

1. Learn from more experienced amateur astronomers. Stargazing is fun, but learning the stars, constellations, and the fine points of using telescopes is very tough to do on your own.

2. Access to an observing site, telescopes, and other equipment A safe, peaceful place away from the lights to observe the stars from is precious and hard to come by. Telescopes and other equipment can be expensive. CAS Members can use the Conway Observatory site 24/7. The Society maintains loaner telescopes up to 8" aperture that can be signed out by members and taken home. The Conway Observatory itself is very well equipped for member use. CAS Members who complete required training can use the observatory for personal use when it is available. CAS also maintains a considerable library of books and videos onsite at Conway. Members can view these at the observatory or check them out and take them home.

3. Access to a network of information and people. CAS maintains a private internet group, CASX, that allows members group communications concerning celestial events and observing. Want to go observing tonight? Find others to go with you on CASX.

4. A way to contribute. CAS is an IRS 501c(3) not for profit organization dedicated to education and outreach for the science of astronomy. CAS members share their knowledge and the beauty of the night sky through public observing events and educational outreach programs such as our Youth Astronomy Camp. CAS Members can make a difference!

5. It's a great value! CAS memberships are a "family" membership - your spouse and minor children are included! At just $40.00 a year, this is less than some magazine subscriptions!

JOIN TODAY! PRINTABLE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Send your check and completed application to: Calumet Astronomical Society, Inc. PO Box 851 Griffith, IN 46319

Send your check and completed application to:
Calumet Astronomical Society, Inc.
PO Box 851
Griffith, IN 46319


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